Who are the Friends of Tidemills?

Latest News

 The Friends of Tide Mills is a small, informal group of mainly local people interested in maintaining and preserving the unique atmosphere of this area for the benefit of all. The group was started April 2005 and has now become the focus for anybody who feels the area is threatened in any way - we have an excellent working partnership with Newhaven Port Properties, the land owners, and, latterly, the South Downs National Park Authority, as much of the area is now within the boundary of this latest UK National Park.

 Our prime objective is the collection of (mainly) seaborne rubbish (nearly 2000 bags to date) but we have also taken an active role in clearing vegetation such as Japanese Knotweed  and assisting other groups with the recording and conservation of the plants and animals inhabiting this special habitat known as “Vegetated Shingle”.

 Our other main objective, now achieved we feel, is to put Tide Mills firmly “on the map” so that as many people as possible know about it and appreciate it as we obviously do.

 We meet once a month, on a Sunday morning (always the 3rd Sunday of the month) between 10am and noon. We have litter grabbers and bags generously provided by Newhaven Port Properties. We just need you to work them! When we started in 2005 and in the early years of our activities around 6-10 of us would collect up to  25-30 bags of plastic and other rubbish. In recent years between 15-20 of us collect 10-20 bags, so we do feel we are now making Tide Mills much cleaner than ever before, but obviously the more of us there are the more of a difference we can truly make. That this litter peaks in or after stormy weather is sadly indicative that most of it is generated by those who rely on the sea for a living and the contempt they treat it with - fish net cuttings, discarded marine grease, oil containers etc.

 In September each year we participate in the Marine Conservation Society’s National Beach Watch initiative. However it isn’t all about rubbish collection as we are regularly consulted over other matters that crop up from time to time - for instance; Newhaven Port expansion plans, incidents of pollution, nesting bird sightings etc. We also enjoy two picnics a year - after our August and December meetings.

 No physical exertion just gentle, worthwhile exercise, in the, still free, sea air, you can work alone or with others. We generally work for 2 hours but any time that can be spared is equally appreciated - come for as long as you want, when you want, you will be made most welcome.

Dear Friends,
Kind regards to you all and hopefully see you for our last meeting of 2020, the 20th of December, stay well, kind regards to you all and I very much appreciate your ongoing support,

Help conserve this special open space

. This precious and somewhat mysterious place, situated between Newhaven and Seaford on the East Sussex Coast, needs ongoing care and attention - why not join the Friends and give a couple of hours a month by helping us keep the place cared for - you will be made very welcome!

How do I join in ? 

 There are no membership fees, forms etc.  Just email Jim Skinner [email protected] or better still just turn up. 

We meet at the junction of the coast path and Mill Drove at 10am. It can be windy so wear something warm. Kids, dogs even mother in laws welcome as long as they are well behaved

Dates for 2020.

All 10am Sunday- 19th Jan. 16th Feb*. 15th Mar*. 19th Apr*. 17th May*. 21st Jun*. 19th Jul*. 16th Aug*. 20th Sep*. 18th Oct. 15th Nov*. and 20th Dec. *cancelled.

Dates for 2021*

All 10am Sunday- 17th Jan. 21st Feb. 21st Mar. 18th Apr. 16th May. 20th Jun. 18th Jul. 15th Aug. 19th Sep. 17th Oct. 21st Nov. and 19th Dec.

*subject to cancellation at short notice.

Bird Reports.

 Nov 2011 several Purple Sandpipers are now back on the East Pier, good numbers of Red Shank also are to be found on the Mill Creek and a very large flock of Lapwings - if you are very lucky you will also spot the semi resident Kingfisher, mainly towards the Newhaven end of Mill Creek. Black Redstarts have also been seen. Dec 2012 Feb Ringed Plover nesting area fenced off & 2 Avocets seen in the creek. Nov A Snow Bunting was seen. Several Waxwings noted. Feb 2013 Plover nesting area fenced off , April 2013 breeding pair of Plovers seen - for more Bird reports please see the later reports here.

Brett Aggregates Application Report.

The final decision regarding the Brett Aggregates application has now been made. Unfortunately, and despite a very robust number of very well constructed arguments against by many local people and organisations (the FOTM included), ESCC planners, by a majority but split decision have today granted permission.

Not what we were hoping for of course but we fought a good fight but unfortunately came up short. However, ESCC can now be in no doubt of the strength of feeling regarding Tide Mills, which should put us in good stead next time there is a threat to it.